About us

Emfeks Logistics and Transport Ltd (EMFEKS) is a limited liability company registered under the companies’ Act 1963, Act 179 of Ghana. It was incorporated on 6 September 2019. EMFEKS is also licensed by the Ghana Revenue Authority as a VAT collecting agent. Its head office is located at E69/9 Ablade Street Kanda – Accra in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. It is a wholly owned Ghanaian business.


Before its incorporation, Emfeks Logistics and Transport Ltd started business as a Sole Proprietorship in the year 2015 operating as a freight forwarding organization, offering logistical support to its clients. EMFEKS organically grew into a Limited Liability Company after successfully operating and endearing itself to its clientele base in 2019. Emfeks Logistics and Transport currently has three office spaces for its operations: one at Kanda as head office, one at Aviance airport as operational office and Adrobaa in Ahafo Region.



Our mission is in three fold


  • We build and create a structured reliable process that will transform the global operating strategy of any company
  • We provide our customers with the right blend of technology in order to complete our job successfully.
  • We adhere to high safety, health and environmental standards while serving our clients.



  • To be a successful logistics services provider and transport organization.

Business Objectives


  • To provide quality services
  • To train and develop staff
  • To promote good all round business ethics Management

EMFEKS is managed by a strong team of individuals that are passionate and highly experienced in the freight forwarding, import and export space. The team is highly experienced having developed essential skills and technical know-how in the industry for over 15 years. The team is led by Mr. Emmanuel Frimpong, who serves as the managing director.

Profiles of Management / Directors

Emmanuel Frimpong – Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Emmanuel Frimpong is the CEO of Emfeks Logistics and Transport Limited since its inception. He has provided dedicated leadership over the years to ensure clients are highly satisfied with EMFEKS services. Emmanuel has over fifteen years’ experience in the logistics and forwarding business with industry knowledge ranging from exports brokerage, compliance procedures, inland distribution and transport management. One of his strong skill set is the ability to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. He is also able to work on his own initiative and demonstrates high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest deadlines. Even under significant pressure, he possesses a strong ability to perform effectively.


Prior to joining EMFEKS, Emmanuel worked with Antrak/Bollore Ghana for two years, ISS Global Forwarding for five years and with DHL for ten years in various capacities including airfreight export supervisor and airfreight export coordinator. In his roles, He oversaw the timely and accurate movement of air export shipment and documentation, ensured successful export of all bullion shipment on behalf of clients and the consistent improvement of air export volumes year-on-year with an average growth rate of 15-35%. He was in charge of coordination, planning, and dispatch for local distribution for key clients in the machinery, healthcare and NGO sectors. He was also responsible for identifying the training needs of immediate subordinates and organizing or recommending the appropriate training for them.


He holds a Mastery certificate in logistics and transport from AMPRO, IATA certificate in handling on dangerous goods (HAZMAT) and HND in logistics and transport from GIMPA. He is a certified international forwarder. His other certifications include advance diploma in logistics and transport from African Management Productivity Institute, diploma in clearing and forwarding from ICM-UK, diploma in salesmanship from MAMSA UK, among others.


Stella Feckah – Director


Stella Feckah is an enthusiastic and efficient over-the-counter (OTC) medication management and dispensing professional with over 5 years industry experience. She currently is a director for Emfeks Logistics and Transport Limited. Stella comes on board with very relevant soft skills and emotional intelligence that is necessary for people management in the 21st century. She is very strong on team work and has a high degree of knowledge in what she does. She has excellent interpersonal and leadership skills and also possesses PC software application skills. She has a diploma in OTC medication management and dispensing.


Prior to joining the board of EMFEKS, Stella worked with ABTS Ghana Ltd for six years as a secretary. She was responsible for data entries and cash payment, timber export documentation as well as other administrative work.


Daniel Asante – Operations Manager


Mr. Daniel Asante is the operations manager for Emfeks Logistics and Transport Limited. He has been with EMFEKS for four years now. He is very detail oriented and keeps his eye on the ball to ensure every task is executed to customer satisfaction. Daniel is very resourceful and known for his leadership abilities. He is passionate about his work and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the work gets done well.


Daniel holds a degree in BSc. Business administration from the All Nations University, Koforidua, affiliated with KNUST. Before joining EMFEKS, he worked with Montran security where he had five (5) years of working experience as bullion operation manager.

Revenue Model


EMFEKS operates a fee model in order to make revenue. It charges fees for the services that it provides to its clients. The fees take into account the skills required and man hours to deliver the service as well as all related operational expenses.

Critical success factors

For EMFEKS to be successful as a freight forwarder and logistics service organization, it needs to be excellent at the following factors.


  • Trustworthiness
  • Customer satisfaction
  • High Service quality
  • Constant flow of traffic